Jar opener for those with one hand or lack of hand availability

Topkal is a versatile tool designed for both opening jar lids and securely fixing them to a work surface. It consists of two flexible parts with varying degrees of flexibility to accommodate different tasks.

The outer part of the opener is made from PLA printed material, which provides durability and strength. The inner part, responsible for interacting with the jar lid and the bottom of the jar, is made from TPU printed material. TPU offers excellent elasticity and flexibility, ensuring a snug fit and efficient gripping.

To enhance grip, the inner surface of the opener is coated with a rubber layer. This rubber coating provides a firm hold on the jar lid, making it easier to twist and open.

For versatility, the inner part of the opener comes in three different sizes, allowing it to fit a wide range of jar types and sizes. Whether it’s a small condiment jar or a larger container, the opener can handle various sizes with ease.

The design of the opener features a hexagonal structure, which provides an optimal grip. The hexagonal shape is reminiscent of a nut on a screw, symbolizing the mechanical precision and functionality associated with engineering. Additionally, the opener includes an auxiliary bump that serves as an additional grip point, enhancing usability and control.

In terms of aesthetics, the choice of orange and purple colors was intentional. Orange represents warmth, energy, and power, reflecting the opener’s functionality and ability to open even stubborn jar lids. Purple, on the other hand, conveys luxury and style, adding a touch of sophistication to the opener’s design.

Overall, the opener combines practicality, versatility, and a visually appealing design, making it an ideal tool for effortless jar opening and secure placement on any work surface.

A presentation poster presented in studies at the Academy for a bachelor's degree in industrial design
The model was built using SOLIDWORKS software The image was built using KEYSHOT software

Examples of different color choices